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How Do I Add Photos To My iPod From My Windows PC?

By: Dave Taylor
March 2nd, 2011

I have a new iPod Touch which is awesome, but one thing has stumped me: how do I add photos to my iPod? My friends on Mac systems can somehow hook it up so that their newest albums in iPhoto are automatically copied across, but I don't have a Mac, I have a Toshiba running Windows Vista, so am I stuck?

Dave's Answer:

It's not often we hear from someone running Microsoft Windows Vista, I have to say. I'm surprised you haven't upgraded to Windows 7, which is faster, more stable and fixes a lot of the hiccups and glitches that plagued Vista as an operating system.

Be that as it may, fortunately it's pretty easy to sync photos between your iPod Touch and your Windows computer, though it's not as sophisticated as it would be if you were running on a Mac. Why? Because you need to use Apple's iTunes application to sync the photos and iTunes for Windows just doesn't know about any photo management applications (Photoshop Elements, etc).

As a result, your basic approach will be to create a folder, perhaps called "My iPod Touch Photos", in your "My Documents" folder or in "My Pictures", then drop into it the pics you'd also like to have on your iPod Touch itself. Done that? Good, now let's see how to sync it with your iPod Touch.

First step is to launch iTunes (and make sure you have the latest version too, which you can always grab for free at apple.com/itunes/download) and plug in your iPod Touch. Now along the top you'll see "Photos" as one of the options:

win7 itunes add photos 1

Click on "Photos" and you'll see that, most likely, you aren't syncing any photographs or pictures at all:

win7 itunes add photos 2

To enable photo sync on your iPod Touch, you need to check the box adjacent to "Sync photos from" and you need to make a decision about what you're going to sync:

win7 itunes add photos 3

Since you've created the "My iPod Touch Photos" folder, select "Choose folder..." then navigate to the new folder and select it.


Now click on the "Sync" button and it'll automatically scale and copy the photos onto your iPod, ready for your viewing pleasure. Better, every time you add new photos to that folder on your computer and resync your iPod, it'll automatically add them to the device.

Hope that gets you going with your little digital photo album.


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