Dave Taylor

How To Email A Photo On Facebook

By: Dave Taylor
July 29th, 2010

I want to email a really cute photograph of my cat to my girlfriend while she's on a business trip. We communicate via Facebook. Is there a way to email her the photo in Facebook?

Dave's Answer:

Generally, I am of the opinion that Facebook has one of the worst email interfaces online, and that it would be a huge benefit to users worldwide if they allocated a half-dozen developers and a UI designer to revamp the interface. I'd love an "Archive" folder, for example, for email messages I don't want to delete but also don't want sitting in my inbox. Unfortunately it's been years and the interface is just as weak as it's always been.

Ah well, ours is not to question why, right?

What you're asking about, however, is pretty easy to do in Facebook, believe it or not, and once I show you how to attach a photo you'll likely whack your forehead and say "d'oh". You've been warned!

In Facebook, the fastest way to send a new email message is to simply click on "Send a New Message":

facebook email photo picture 1

Now compose your message as you always have done, by entering the person's name (and having Facebook match that with a known friend), a subject, and typing in some sort of message or other:

facebook email photo picture 2

See the little icon on the lower left that I've highlighted with the red box? Click on it.

facebook email photo picture 3

There we go! For this demonstration I'm going to choose "Upload a Photo" since the picture I want to send my friend Klaus is on my computer...

facebook email photo picture 4

Click on "Choose File" and find the file you want to send...

facebook email photo picture 5

In this case the file is called "handmade lamborghini countach 7" and once I've selected it, I click on "Open" and...

facebook email photo picture 6

Notice that now the file name has replaced the "No file chosen" of the earlier screen. That's about it. Ready to send the message with the photo to be attached at the bottom? Click on "Send" and away it goes...

facebook email photo picture 7

As you can see upon closer examination, you can send photos, videos, clickable links, and even youtube videos or music. Reasonably handy.

Now about that email archive folder...


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